Currently Streaming On Netlfix: Orange Is the New Black

The other day we were hanging out with friends who wanted to discuss some of their favorite tv shows, but we could only say we heard they were great but hadn't seen them. They looked at us rather shocked. And then asked about when we decompress and we couldn't really answer. We're not big tv watchers around here. Mostly because we binge watch and can't control ourselves and get a little obsessed. We get through a show and then feel guilty and wait a while... Dexter was our last show, but then between renovating this house and moving we just never had time for tv. We have a really long list of shows to watch, but I didn't want something too heavy. Sometimes life just feels heavy enough. So, we started Orange is the New Black two weeks ago.

We're both busy at work and have house stuff piling up. Bedtime can take an hour. AN HOUR. And then we have to clean up and get some real stuff done. Get stuff ready for the next day, catch up on work, laundry... do all the adult things we do every night.

So, we came to an agreement... After an hour of getting stuff done, we watch an episode... or two. But never three. We just wait for 9:00 to roll around the next night and get to watch it again. We're bingers, what can I say?  It's been nice to decompress.