Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! 
Thank you for your support, friendship, readership, love, 
and for being a part of our lives.We're crazy lucky.


Are Picky Eaters Born That Way?

Even Big Brother can't convince this baby that pureed food is a delicacy.
W has always been a great eater. He's adventurous, has a variety of foods that he enjoys, and doesn't like junky foods. Currently his favorite foods are California rolls and chopped salad. He's three, so I realize this is rare. I always kind of assumed that I could take credit for his terrific eating habits. All of his baby food was homemade and organic and I made him try just about every fruit and vegetable I could get my hands on. I became a baby food making lover.

So, yes, though I may not have admitted it at the time, I was patting myself on the back for creating a good, healthy eater. And I figured that if I just did it the same way with B I'd have another great eater on my hands.

We've been working on the feeding process with B for a couple of months. And it's not going too well. (Honestly, it's been total crap.) This kid does not like food. And not only does he not like it, he forces himself to throw up if he especially doesn't like it. Very dramatic.

Seriously? You're trying the carrots again?
No can do, lady.
I've broken food into four categories for B:

1. Foods that make him throw up: avocado, peas

2. Foods he accepts, spits out, and then refuses: apple, mango, carrots, rice cereal

3. Foods that had limited success (a few teaspoons forced into his mouth): butternut squash, parsnips, banana, peach, zucchini, sweet potato

4. Food he likes: pears (and, come on, pears are a gimme!)
I really felt that feeding was one of my areas of expertise as a mom. Was it just that I had an easy kid?

OK, now this is just gross.
That's the thing with being a parent, you never know what's coming around the corner. And you never stop learning, even when it comes to the things that you're good at. Making baby food takes work and there is something about having that food turned down and go to waste that is really, really painful. But, it doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying.

You just try to break my love of making baby food, little man. I dare you.


Wordless Wednesday: Peek A Boo 2008 vs. Peek A Boo 2011

B Peek A Boo at about six months.
W Peek A Boo at about four months.


When Something Drops Off Your List (in this case my blog)

It's been quiet around here. I know. And that troubles me, it does. But, lately posting has been harder than ever before. Sure, it's been the annual Gala and the extra work, energy, and mental capacity it takes from me. And I stood up in a wedding that was our of town. But, my job changed and this year wasn't nearly as demanding as it used to be.

I've been tired. B doesn't sleep well. More like doesn't sleep at all. I'm getting tired of nursing him. He wakes up every hour looking for comfort. I'm waking up sleep deprived everyday. It gets frustrating.

I feel like when I'm home, I'm in the kitchen doing kitchen stuff or in the basement doing laundry. I'm working full time. Our weekends are jam packed with plans with family, friends, and the boys. I'm trying to figure out changes in our child care situation for the next five months in order to ensure we have our nanny for the summer. I'm a room parent for W's preschool class. There's family drama (just in time for the holidays!). We're starting to question how much longer we want to stay in our house and where we want to be in five years.  I have a long list of posts to write, stories to tell, important milestones to capture (like my adorable new nephew and my sister's wedding), and products to share. I'm trying to potty train W and get B to like baby food.

With so many things that are taking up my attention, my poor blog has just dropped to the bottom of my list and when I do post, it's simple, easy things (like a freaky photo of a jack-o-lantern after it was used as a squirrel buffet). This is one of those posts that I never want to write, because it comes across as complaining. But, remember the mission of this blog is to be honest about the realities of motherhood... And this is as real as it gets, people. Motherhood is exhausting. It's like spinning plates. And every now and then something needs to get dropped to the bottom of the list. And that's where my blog has been. Until now. I think I might be back. Today is the first day I've been able to sit down and

It gets a little crazy, but when you have these two adorable faces to look at and cuddle, it's pretty hard to complain:



We Have Fat, Psycho Squirrels

I've been hearing a lot of talk about how fat the squirrels are this year and that fat squirrels serve as a warning for a difficult, cold winter (grrreeeeaattttt). Our squirrels are no different. They're crazy fat.

In case you forgot, I don't exactly get along with the squirrels in our yard. They antagonize Howie, which results in incessant barking. They treat our bird feeder like a squirrel buffet. They dig up flowers and mess with my vegetable garden. And they snatch the Halloween spider web decorations that I carefully stretch over our bushes. They're total jerks and I'm pretty sure they know I don't like them.

So, I should probably watch my back, right?

Is this not one of the scariest things you've ever seen?
Note: This pumpkin is long gone, but the photo still freaks me out and these fat squirrels made me think of it.


When A Mom Blogger Has Nothing

I'm sitting in a hotel room. By myself. That never happens. Ever.
We're in Omaha for a wedding, which we are both honored to be a part of, for our good friends Angie and Jamie. We came in a day early to spend the night with family that we don't get to see enough. It's the first time we've gotten on a plane together and flown away from our kids. I wasn't anxious or worried or anything like that. It was just weird. As we pulled away from the house I kept feeling like I was forgetting something. I realized it was B, who is attached to me any time I'm not at work. (Note: Since arriving in cold Omaha, I also realized it was the wrap to wear with my bridesmaid dress...)

It's weird being alone. I'm sitting in my hotel room while Matt is off picking up his tuxedo. It's that time between nails and rehearsal. I caught up on some WORK work and then thought... How about a nap? Except they're banging on something above our room. Well, I figured, I have about 500 posts that are sitting in my head, why not write one? And then I opened my blog. I stared at the screen. And nothing.

Such is the life of a mom blogger. When your hands are full, the inspiration for posts clutters up the little space left in your brain. But, the second you have silence... Nothing.