We Have Fat, Psycho Squirrels

I've been hearing a lot of talk about how fat the squirrels are this year and that fat squirrels serve as a warning for a difficult, cold winter (grrreeeeaattttt). Our squirrels are no different. They're crazy fat.

In case you forgot, I don't exactly get along with the squirrels in our yard. They antagonize Howie, which results in incessant barking. They treat our bird feeder like a squirrel buffet. They dig up flowers and mess with my vegetable garden. And they snatch the Halloween spider web decorations that I carefully stretch over our bushes. They're total jerks and I'm pretty sure they know I don't like them.

So, I should probably watch my back, right?

Is this not one of the scariest things you've ever seen?
Note: This pumpkin is long gone, but the photo still freaks me out and these fat squirrels made me think of it.

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