When A Mom Blogger Has Nothing

I'm sitting in a hotel room. By myself. That never happens. Ever.
We're in Omaha for a wedding, which we are both honored to be a part of, for our good friends Angie and Jamie. We came in a day early to spend the night with family that we don't get to see enough. It's the first time we've gotten on a plane together and flown away from our kids. I wasn't anxious or worried or anything like that. It was just weird. As we pulled away from the house I kept feeling like I was forgetting something. I realized it was B, who is attached to me any time I'm not at work. (Note: Since arriving in cold Omaha, I also realized it was the wrap to wear with my bridesmaid dress...)

It's weird being alone. I'm sitting in my hotel room while Matt is off picking up his tuxedo. It's that time between nails and rehearsal. I caught up on some WORK work and then thought... How about a nap? Except they're banging on something above our room. Well, I figured, I have about 500 posts that are sitting in my head, why not write one? And then I opened my blog. I stared at the screen. And nothing.

Such is the life of a mom blogger. When your hands are full, the inspiration for posts clutters up the little space left in your brain. But, the second you have silence... Nothing.

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Michelle said...

I totally know what I mean. I need a voice recorder so I can dictate on the days when my hands are so full I can't get near a computer ;) I hope it was a great wedding!