Engagement Extravaganza!

Imagine that! Two weeks, two engagements -- Both of my sisters are engaged. Will be a busy and exciting year for the Baumrucker family. (Is it too soon to get William a seersucker suit for his ring bearer duties?)

Congrats to Christina & Tristan and Danielle & Sam!!!


Cellar Gate Wine Market

On Saturday night Angie and Jamie came out and we took the drive to Highwood (commonly known to people in the city as "practically Wisconsin") to visit a really fun wine shop, Cellar Gate Wine Market. They sat us in the boutique room, which was perfect for William's current wiggly, shrieky phase. As long as he has plenty to look at and Cheerios he does really well, so we try to cart him around with us while we can.

We had some nice wine, a couple of nibbles, and a great time. Their list is affordable and the owners are unpretentious and inviting.

Can't wait to go back this summer to enjoy their fantastic garden area.

Saturday Morning Market Trip

This weekend was the first Wilmette Farmer's Market of the season, though here in Wilmette they call it the French Market, but come on...
William thoroughly enjoyed his first market experience and we learned how well the bottom of a stroller doubles as a cart. The highlights for us were the kettle corn guys and the brie with apricots and almonds... Delicious.

If you're looking for something to do on a Saturday morning this summer, you'll be able to find us in the Wilmette Metra station.


No Comment Needed

The Scream

William has found his voice. And it sounds like a shriek.
A happy shriek, that is.


William's first visit to the park - Many more to follow, I'm sure. We were limited to the bucket swings, but those were exciting enough to knock him out during our walk afterward.
The Gran-nanny was out of town this week, so we both took some time off work. A taste of stay-at-home parenthood was nice. It made us appreciate our moms and feel incredibly lucky that we didn't drive them off the deep end - It's hard work. At the same time it was sad to think that going to the park on a Wednesday afternoon won't be happening again anytime soon.
You'll know where to find us on the weekends.


William Loves Sophie

William has a girlfriend and her name is Sophie. Sometimes he likes to kiss her face, other times he likes to cuddle her, and then sometimes he just whacks her on things. (I know, it sounds very disturbing.) She is his favorite play mate and though their relationship is tumultuous, we encourage it.



Come on, Spring!

"Hey, Old Man Winter, beat it! I wanna go out and play. I've had enough of this crappy weather!"
Someone is getting restless and trying to escape through the window...


...And These Are Two of My Fave-or-ite Things...

Little William and a bottle of Veuve. Mama was happy. This was our Valentine's Day 2009.

We went out for sushi at 5:00 with William and ate at record speed while he was content. The fear of ruining someone else's romantic evening with a whining baby is very real.

Sweet Howie

I just read about the strain the economy is putting on shelters. It's hard to imagine how bad it would be for us to give away Howie. Luckily we have plenty of family and friends who would line up to take in our sweet boy. He wouldn't last an hour back in a shelter.

Howie has grown accustomed to the good life. He loves plush toys and a good nap in the sun. So, when William received this incredibly soft plush yellow ducky in his Easter basket, we gave Howie a plush sea creature to even things out. Apparently, they weren't even enough, and we found him later that day enjoying his new friends.

The duck has been returned to William.


Where to Begin?

Where oh where to begin? So many things can be said about this photo, so I'll just allow you to caption yourself.


A Cap and Sweater Kinda Day

This was a chilly spring day in March... We checked out Britt and Scott's new place, did a little shopping, and introduced William to Southport. Not bad for a Sunday.


Waking Up to a Camera in Your Face

These pictures are over a month old now, which is like 2 years in baby time, but always make me laugh. William had just woken up from a nap on the couch next to me.

Yay for Yardwork!

We had our first real opportunity to begin the transformation from overgrown suburban ranch to charming cottage. We did lots of pruning raked up leaves that very well may have been here since the 80's, uncovered a cable buried in ivy, and William watched while enjoying some jumping on the patio. Howie just seems happy to have a yard with people in it.

Did we mention we think there may be a skunk living under here? In retrospect putting our baby in a jumping toy on top of a potentially sleeping skunk may not have been our brightest idea.


Just Another Day at the Office

William came to visit the office and showed his true feelings about his mom working. Sticking his tongue out... Nice manners.


Obama Ball

We saw a commercial for the Obama Ball this morning. When have we officially crossed the line of exploiting a President's mug?
Collective plates, t-shirts, pins.... And now a basketball? I'm sure it would be great to have on hand when playing a game of Horse with other world leaders.

This is real. Only $79.95 plus $15.00 shipping.


For Dan and Kate

We recently realized that we don't put up enough pictures of William.

This taught us three things:

1. William is damn cute and we have plenty of pictures to prove it.
2. People like us, but love William more.
3. Someone actually looks at this blog?!?!



Sign of Spring

It has to be spring. And how do I know this? I'm burning down the last of my Pumpkin Pie Yankee Candles. I usually don't like sweet smells, but I LOVE this one for fall and winter. Luckily I have good friends who know this, so I often receive them as holiday and birthday gifts. But, today my stash is depleted, which can only mean one thing: It's Spring.

The description on the Yankee Candle site: Sweet pumpkin, nutmeg, molasses, cinnamon, and a hint of apple in a buttery crust. Usually this description would gross me out, but let me tell you, it is delicious and absolutely smells like fall and winter. It just doesn't work for the Spring months.

Yes, I know it is going to be in the 30's and snow this weekend, but here in the Hanneman house it will atleast smell like spring.
Good bye, winter.

I LOVE the State of IOWA or YAY for GAYS!

Go IOWA! The third state to legalize same sex marriage. My heart is overflowing. I have goose bumps and have NEVER been more proud to be a Hawkeye.

People underestimate the state of Iowa. There are many forward-thinking, progressive people there than one might assume and they take their politics seriously. Today is a really good day.

When I heard the news this morning I texted a dear friend from Iowa:

Me: Woo hoo! Go Iowa!

Him: If that's in reference to sport, you're gonna have to clarify for me. Remember who you're talking to.

Me: Iowa Supreme Court just legalized same sex marriage!

Him: All right! Here I was thinking you're talking about girl's basketball.

Me: Please, I'm not the gay one.

And, with that, I celebrate!


Thank You, Whole Foods

I love anyone who can find humor in themselves. And I REALLY appreciate a corporation that can as well.

Take Whole Foods, for instance: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/

I don't doubt that Whole Foods could sell organic air, actually. Slap that 365 label on and the people will be cramming them into their reusable bags. I'm going to get some on the way home to spray around William's room.