I LOVE the State of IOWA or YAY for GAYS!

Go IOWA! The third state to legalize same sex marriage. My heart is overflowing. I have goose bumps and have NEVER been more proud to be a Hawkeye.

People underestimate the state of Iowa. There are many forward-thinking, progressive people there than one might assume and they take their politics seriously. Today is a really good day.

When I heard the news this morning I texted a dear friend from Iowa:

Me: Woo hoo! Go Iowa!

Him: If that's in reference to sport, you're gonna have to clarify for me. Remember who you're talking to.

Me: Iowa Supreme Court just legalized same sex marriage!

Him: All right! Here I was thinking you're talking about girl's basketball.

Me: Please, I'm not the gay one.

And, with that, I celebrate!

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Angela said...

I love this ruling. Makes me proud!