In Memory of Grandma

There is a clock in the Glenn Community Center in memory of my grandma who died in 2001. I can't begin to describe what a wonderful woman she was. I'm always disappointed that Matt and William will never meet her (or my uncle Marty who died the following year). I am positive these are two people he would have had an instant kinship with, especially Marty.

So, when we were at Pancake Breakfast over Memorial Day weekend we snapped this photo. (Did I mention that William's new trick is waving?)

Pancake Breakfast

William made his first trip to Michigan for Memorial Day weekend. The highlight: Pancake Breakfast.

Glenn, Michigan holds pancake breakfast on the Sunday of every holiday weekend and it has been a long standing tradition for the Baumrucker family. Naturally, this was William's first taste of pancakes. He was thrilled and ate an entire buck wheat pancake, even dropping a couple pieces for Howie, who he expected to be there.


Enterprising Kitchen

An organization that I think is great: The Enterprising Kitchen.

Their mission: The Enterprising Kitchen (TEK), a nonprofit social enterprise, provides workforce development and support services to women who are working toward self-sufficiency and economic independence.

One of the products these women make are soy candles. They are fantastic. I especially like the seascape scent. Love being able to purchase something that I would otherwise and have the money support a great cause.

Trust me, these are some of the best candles I've ever used: http://store.theenterprisingkitchen.org/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=SCNDL&Category_Code=basics


He Don't Need No Stinking Toys

Piles of mail or piles of magazine are the absolute best ways to keep William occupied. No matter how fantastic the toy, he'll always go for the magazines first. No, I have not read these Parents magazines, but I think they're doing their job.

Highchair + Messy Food = Photo Op!

William is starting to feed himself, which is all sorts of fun. He's taking it quite seriously. So intent on mastering this new skill that just this morning he removed the oatmeal and cherries I fed him from his mouth just to put it on his tray and then put it back in his mouth. Yum.

So, either he is really serious about self feeding or has a little control freak in him, but where would be ever have gotten that trait?

Mini Matt

William checking out Dad's favorite magazine. We have trouble keeping up with them, so at least we know the subscription isn't a waste - Someone is getting use out of it.


Impulse Dogs

September 2006
The Scene: Anti-Cruelty Society
Lisa and Matt meet Howie for 20 minutes. Josh and Jennifer come for moral support. Somehow convince Anti-Cruelty to apply for an adoption. Adoption granted. Exit Anti-Cruelty shocked, with dog. A stop at the pet store for necessities, lots of "What were we thinking?," Josh and Jennifer are waiting at the condo with beer and pizza. And they all lived happily ever after.

May 2009
The Scene: Matt's Cell Phone
"We might have just bought a dog," Josh says. "Might?" says Matt. "OK, we did buy a dog." Josh and Jennifer show up at 9pm with Milo. Lisa and Matt have beer and pizza. Milo and Howie are fast friends. And 48 hours later, they're living happily.

Mother's Day

Woke up at 6 am. Picked up for the Walk to Empower at 6:30 am. Latte at Starbucks drive thru. Walked with my mom, mother-in-law, Aunts, and Cousins. Came home to a brunch of fruit salad, scones, and mimosas (yay for awesome neighbors, Evan and Rachel!). Play time and reading time. Lunch of grilled salmon and morels. Purse shopping at Nordstrom. Pizza and puppy party with Josh and Jennifer.

The perfect Mother's Day. Thank you, Matt and William.

William is turning into quite a boy, isn't he? Mother's Day is my new favorite holiday.


Good Bye, Lover

A year ago we parted. I didn't appreciate you as I should have. You were so shiny and new, everything I could have wanted. We started with the basics, but worked with you so that we fit together perfectly. And now I am left with only the memories.

I miss you, dear kitchen.


Our Last Trip

How was it a year ago?!?! The last trip we took was last May. We went to New York to visit Danielle, Justin, Emma, Erika, Polly, and (SURPRISE, SURPRISE) Ilona and David (who we had no idea would be in town from Paris).
I had an incredible week with my sisters and then Matt met me up for the weekend. Can't believe that was the last time we got away, but if there was a trip to take, that was it -- Even as a pregnant lady.
It was a crazy time, as I had an event coming up and we had to move out of our condo within 48 hours of getting home. But, ahhhh, we had a good time.


Ivy Be Gone

Our small backyard was full of ivy when we bought the place. We've decided to try our hand at growing grass. First, however, we had tons of ivy to pull. It took about three days of work, but Matt did it all by himself. THANK YOU, MATT! (He's the best.)
So, now we have a backyard of dirt waiting for us to figure out the next step. Stay tuned...

Just kicking back - Happy to be alive.


Teething Biscuits are GROSS

The bottom two teeth have broken through. Thinking it was time for William to learn how to feed himself a little and wanting to help his teething along, teething biscuits seemed like a good idea.
No one warned me that they are totally disgusting. They practically melt into clay, ball up, and manage to spread everywhere. Everywhere. William thought they were fantastic, however. So, as much as I don't want to, I'll have to give them to him again. Though next time it will be right before a bath.
A word to anyone thinking about giving these to your little one: No washcloth or paper towel will be strong enough for the post-destruction wipe down.

Tastes Like Chicken

Today William tried meat for the first time. We baked some chicken, blended it in the baby food maker, and mixed with sweet potatoes. The thought of giving the little guy chicken totally freaked me out. It just seems so serious. But, he is eight months old...

I can't say he loved it. But, he gave it a good try.