If You're Looking for a Good Movie...

A few months ago we watched 'Run, Fat Boy, Run.' And I have been laughing about it ever since. Get it ON DEMAND, add it to your Netflix queue, make it a Blockbuster night, stream it online... Whatever you do, watch this movie. No Oscar winning performances or anything, but it's a great, get some laughs kind of a movie. I might even consider it The Feel Good Movie of My Year...
P.S. Don't jump to conclusions just because it's directed by David Schwimmer. (We were very surprised when the credits started to roll and we realized he directed it.) I may have gotten all judgemental had I known and not watched it. Who, me? Judgemental? NEVER!

Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez

On Saturday we had the pleasure of seeing one of my oldest and dearest friends marry the type of guy I never thought she would find. And I mean this in the absolute best way possible. She and I have never agreed on a guy -- And I love that we finally do!

We are so very happy for them as they embark on an amazing life together... Starting with a honeymoon in Belize. (As much as I love them now, I kinda hate them too.)


In Case You're Looking

I found the perfect gift for Matt, especially this week with his terrible cold. In case you're looking to get him a nice present any time soon, I might recommend this.
And, NO, I am not the model in this photo.


Deliciously Clean

My absolute favorite cleaning product is Home Thymes All-Purpose Cleaner in the Apricot Quince scent. The smell is delicious and fresh and lingers for a couple of days. This cleaner is one of the reasons that I believe we sold our condo in less than 30 days. True story.

So, you can imagine my freak out this morning when I tried to purchase some online and the Thymes website doesn't even list it as a product. Is it discontinued??? And every other website is out of stock. WHAT?!?! I'll be searching all day if that's what it takes. And, I recommend everyone do the same.

This is BAD. This is very BAD.

The Friendly Skies

Most kids have to visit the cock pit to meet a pilot, but William received a house call when Uncle Ev came to visit for Lisa's birthday weekend in February. William instinctively loved Evan from the second he met him, kinda like his mama.
From the instant Evan and I met freshman year in Burge Hall I knew we'd be BFF's. Our fate was sealed at a graffiti party that night at the Sigma Nu house. And then we hung out just about every day for the next four years.
And though he makes a handsome pilot, it's hard for me to believe that he is trusted to fly a plane.


Wow, we’re in trouble, America.

I found this on MSNBC in an article about the Octo-mom… A neighbor’s response to why he was part of the mob waiting for her to get home:

“We wanted to see the octomom,” said neighbor Johnny Euentes, 46, who lives around the corner and waited with his wife and son on the cul-de-sac. “I’ve got nothing else to do tonight; I’m just missing ‘American Idol.”’

REALLY!?!? You have NOTHING else to do???

Then again, I did find this in an article about the Octo-mom, which means that I was in fact reading it. Mark my word, I stopped after reading this part. Nothing like getting slapped in the face with reality.


First Time in the Dental Chair

A few weeks ago we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Hanneman in Wisconsin. We made a quick trip to Grandpa H's office so he could show off the Little Man and take a look at Matt's teeth.

What a brave boy... No tears in the dental chair.

And, what a brave Grandpa... His desk doubled as a changing table.


You Know You Live in the Suburbs When...

There is one major difference between living in the city and the suburbs that we weren't expecting: Tweens and teens run the joint. In the city, kids know their place. They're in an adult world and behave as such. Not so much out here where kids are allowed to roam free with no supervision and make no apologies for acting like jerks.

Our first lesson was when I kicked two 12 year olds out of Starbucks. (Yes, I even threw in a "You should be ashamed of yourself" for good measure.) They were disruptive and then threatened to kill everyone there once they realized they had my attention. This came after complaining about their parents getting them the wrong color I-phones and mentions of punching their mothers. People were minding their own business, trying to get some work done, read a book, enjoy a latte... And no one else thought this was worthy of getting involved, except for me. Of course. So, I asked them to leave and threatened to call the police.
Then, last week a neighbor's house was tagged suburb style. Obviously, there was a party. And, these kids are brazen enough to announce it on the front of their house. (In this picture you can't see the "Get Crunk!" written on the picture window. What is crunk, anyway?)

I have to admit, a little part of me wanted to call the police. Not because I care that these kids were partying or getting crunked, but because they were brazen enough to announce it. When I was up to stuff like that in high school, my friends and I worked painstakingly hard on covering our tracks. We got our stories straight, limited parties to small numbers, and parked blocks away all in an attempt to remain under the radar. And these kids just broadcast it. They didn't deserve to have a good time.

So, while no phone call was made, the fact that I thought about it scares me all the same.


William has officially done it -- Fell asleep at the dinner table for the first time. Christina was over for white wine and Pita Inn. Instead of hummus and falafel, William was dining on sweet potatoes, obviously not exciting enough to keep him awake.


Tough Dog

Poor Howman... A midday walk with Grandpa B turned dramatic with a slice to the pad. The vet said he'll survive, though his ego may not after having to wear a fluorescent wrap around for a few days.

The good news is no cone is necessary, like last time. But, the understated blue wrap was much more desirable, as pictured below.

Grandpa seemed to take it harder than Howie.

Donations in honor of Howie's injury may be directed to Anti-Cruelty Society.

Mothering 101 - Fiesta style

Now that's a happy hour! Friday night we had a big night out on the town, dropping in at The Depot in downtown Wilmette for some delicious Mexican food. This is by far our new favorite Mexican spot. (Sorry Las Palmas, you've been replaced.)

William entertained all his dinner guests, Grandpa and Grandma Baumrucker, Aunt Christina, and Mr. Tristan. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Baumrucker, it was formula and margaritas for all!



I just found out that a friend of mine who is pregnant has learned that her baby has a heart defect and will need multiple surgeries when she's born to get the little ticker working properly.

It really made me think of my crazy state of mind after the Little Man was born. I was consumed with getting back to work, moving into a house, having control over the situation... And, in the end, none of that mattered. What mattered most was the health of the baby and I don't think I took a moment to consider how lucky we are to have had a solid, healthy baby. Period. The rest didn't matter.

So, here's to finally getting it. And here's to a friend who is in need of lots of good energy and positive thoughts going her way!


The More Things Change... Wait, No They Don't.

Last weekend was a really good one for both of us.

Lisa's was dominated by a bachelorette party for her dear friend Kari, including a trolley, penthouse, and a dong bong. (Don't ask.)

Matt's was dominated by The Watchmen with Josh at the IMAX. Enough said.

We each were able to enjoy a fantastic night out in the city with good friends - Just in two very different ways. And, yes, as you have already guessed: Lisa+Beer+Microphone=DANGEROUS.


Poopy Premonition

Bad news, Cubs fans. William had a premonition today about your season and it's looking downright crappy. I put him in his Cubs onesie for less than an hour and he somehow managed to miss his diaper and poop directly into the onesie.

He had a similar feeling about the Bears season, as you can see. It's not looking good, my friends. (Insert Matt laughing in your face.)

Hot and Sour Soup Make You Happy

Lately we have been indulging in a lot of hot and sour soup. Why? Because we live a few blocks away from Tokyo & Beijing. Walking distance, people! (The local Chinese/Japanese restaurant - not the cities, obviously.) And, let me tell you, this is the most delicious soup this side of Beijing.

Give it a try and you'll become an addict as well. A small order is only $1.95 and is enough for a meal if you have self control. So (if you were me) you might want to order the large.

Tokyo & Beijing
339 Ridge Road

Beautiful Baby Confession

OK, so I never thought we would be the type of people to enter our baby into a stupid contest, like say for instance the Regis and Kelly Beautiful Baby contest. And, maybe we did.
(Don't judge - Harvard is not going to pay for itself and the prize was something like a $150,000 college scholarship.)

Needless to say, our Beautiful Baby was not a finalist. We were robbed. See, they made William cry. Regis and Kelly better apologize.

I am a Babyfood Making Machine.

I love the Beaba Babycook machine. So easy and ensures that William is eating organic goods made by mama.

So far I've made zucchini, avocado, peas, butternut squash, carrots, apples, and pears. Today we try sweet potato. William will eat just about anything, however the avocados didn't go over so well.

Consider this a shout out to Williams Sonoma and Grandma Hanneman for the gift! I should really get an endorsement deal, right?!?



Guess who is starting to get along... As long as Howie stays out of William's reach, they can be friends. William doesn't understand that pulling hair hurts. Howie and Lisa are feeling the pain.

Six BIG Months

It's hard to believe our little man is already six months old. Here we are just waiting for him to crawl. We keep saying, "This weekend." So, maybe this weekend...