Deliciously Clean

My absolute favorite cleaning product is Home Thymes All-Purpose Cleaner in the Apricot Quince scent. The smell is delicious and fresh and lingers for a couple of days. This cleaner is one of the reasons that I believe we sold our condo in less than 30 days. True story.

So, you can imagine my freak out this morning when I tried to purchase some online and the Thymes website doesn't even list it as a product. Is it discontinued??? And every other website is out of stock. WHAT?!?! I'll be searching all day if that's what it takes. And, I recommend everyone do the same.

This is BAD. This is very BAD.


JLK & JL said...

Oh no! Your house always smells yummy! They have it here...http://www.suepatrick.com/. Good luck!

The Hannemaniacs said...

I found it on the J Renee Fine Linens and Indulgences site, so I ordered six bottles and just found out they are only shiping four, as it is the remainder of their stock. I am so checking out this other site. Thanks for looking it up. My heart is broken.