Impulse Dogs

September 2006
The Scene: Anti-Cruelty Society
Lisa and Matt meet Howie for 20 minutes. Josh and Jennifer come for moral support. Somehow convince Anti-Cruelty to apply for an adoption. Adoption granted. Exit Anti-Cruelty shocked, with dog. A stop at the pet store for necessities, lots of "What were we thinking?," Josh and Jennifer are waiting at the condo with beer and pizza. And they all lived happily ever after.

May 2009
The Scene: Matt's Cell Phone
"We might have just bought a dog," Josh says. "Might?" says Matt. "OK, we did buy a dog." Josh and Jennifer show up at 9pm with Milo. Lisa and Matt have beer and pizza. Milo and Howie are fast friends. And 48 hours later, they're living happily.

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