Are Picky Eaters Born That Way?

Even Big Brother can't convince this baby that pureed food is a delicacy.
W has always been a great eater. He's adventurous, has a variety of foods that he enjoys, and doesn't like junky foods. Currently his favorite foods are California rolls and chopped salad. He's three, so I realize this is rare. I always kind of assumed that I could take credit for his terrific eating habits. All of his baby food was homemade and organic and I made him try just about every fruit and vegetable I could get my hands on. I became a baby food making lover.

So, yes, though I may not have admitted it at the time, I was patting myself on the back for creating a good, healthy eater. And I figured that if I just did it the same way with B I'd have another great eater on my hands.

We've been working on the feeding process with B for a couple of months. And it's not going too well. (Honestly, it's been total crap.) This kid does not like food. And not only does he not like it, he forces himself to throw up if he especially doesn't like it. Very dramatic.

Seriously? You're trying the carrots again?
No can do, lady.
I've broken food into four categories for B:

1. Foods that make him throw up: avocado, peas

2. Foods he accepts, spits out, and then refuses: apple, mango, carrots, rice cereal

3. Foods that had limited success (a few teaspoons forced into his mouth): butternut squash, parsnips, banana, peach, zucchini, sweet potato

4. Food he likes: pears (and, come on, pears are a gimme!)
I really felt that feeding was one of my areas of expertise as a mom. Was it just that I had an easy kid?

OK, now this is just gross.
That's the thing with being a parent, you never know what's coming around the corner. And you never stop learning, even when it comes to the things that you're good at. Making baby food takes work and there is something about having that food turned down and go to waste that is really, really painful. But, it doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying.

You just try to break my love of making baby food, little man. I dare you.

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