So, What Happened?

It went silent here for a while. The silence was probably best described as a reflection of the amount of noise in all the other areas of my life. Three kids, a job, renovating a house, keeping something that resembles a social life, and Matt taking on a much more demanding job all led to me taking a step back. I found that most recently the original intent of this blog got lost. There are awesome relationships I created, yet I was phoning it in while attempting to keep up my end of the bargain with brands. I never got into it to work with brands or make money. And the landscape of blogging started to change. I was on social media more than I wanted to be and not connecting in real life. I wasn't proud of what I was writing. I was tired. I wasn't writing about what was important to me any more.

So, we took a break from being the Hannemaniacs... online, at least. We're still here and as the bug continues to bite I'll share what I can. But I needed to disconnect and take some time to focus on getting through the day to day. In all the best ways it has been good. And maybe I'll find some time to tell you all about it. But I'd be lying if I said the relief of the pressure to do so doesn't feel good - at least for now.

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