About Me

I'm Lisa, the main voice here at Hannemaniacs. This blog started soon after my first son was born and I realized that not only was I more than a little clueless about this whole parenting thing, but that I found it easy to laugh at myself and share my findings with anyone willing to read.

I live in Glenview, a suburb of Chicago, where we are renovating an old house. After learning we were pregnant with our first son, we reluctantly put our condo on the market and migrated to the North Shore and after quickly getting too big for our first house, we moved on. I miss city-living a little less every day and have learned to appreciate never having to worry about parking and the ability to walk the dog without having to look out for broken glass or chicken bones.

I work part-time in fundraising for a health-related organization and have worked in non-profit development and event management since 2005. I love my job, but value my previous experience in publishing, media buying, and many years as a waitress and bartender.

I'm often sarcastic, mostly honest, and rarely have time to reread or edit posts before I hit Publish. I'm always overbooked, but I'm learning how to say no while always looking for something else to keep me busy. I tend to be a workaholic and obsess over something new every month. I'm a lover of good coffee, better food, and inexpensive wine. I love to cook, read, and used to love spending hours at coffee shops on the weekend.

I'd like to think I'm a pretty good sister, friend, daughter, and wife, but most of all I'm really hoping that I'm an awesome mom.

Thanks for visiting us here at Hannemaniacs. I can be contacted at hannemaniacs (at) gmail.com and on twitter as @hannemaniacs.