The Hannemaniacs

Matt is a native of Wisconsin, the best dad you'll ever meet, and the original Hannemaniac. Currently working in media sales, Matt is a very talented artist who spent grad school at Vancouver Film School studying animation and is still hoping to find a way to move back there some day. Matt and I met while working in media in Chicago, but quickly learned we both attended University of Iowa and were at a few of the same parties as a freshman and senior. In fact, one night his date ended the evening with the guy I had ditched earlier in the night. Interesting coincidence, huh?

W was born in 2008 and is a sweet, hilarious, precocious little guy. He's the first grandchild in my family and the first boy. He broke us into everything boys, like cars, trains, dinosaurs, and trucks, yet lets me cuddle him whenever I need a little love. I love this child more than I ever thought possible and every day he makes me laugh and learn a little more about the amazing experience of being a mom.

B was born in 2011 and he is wild and funny. He's particular when it comes to just about everything, but when he's happy his smile and laugh can light up a room. He is fearless and agile, which leads to plenty of death defying stunts. He adores his brother and does everything W does. B is the sweetest trouble maker you'll ever meet.

A was born in the fall of 2012, just 17 months after B. She is proving to be one incredibly happy, chill, sweet, and affectionate baby. Our girl loves watching her brothers play and doesn't shy away from throwing herself into the middle of the thick of it. A is just pure joy. She's the kind of baby that makes me want to go for #4...

Howie was our first baby. He's the lovable, emotional, and handsome dog we adopted from a rescue shelter in 2006. He was found after a storm in Tennessee and saved from death row by some very kind people who kept him at their shelter and then sent him up to Chicago to find his forever home. Though most people think he is a designer dog or a puppy, he is neither: Our mutt was guessed to be four or five when we adopted him. He can drive us crazy, but he's extraordinarily loved.