Howie Update and the Latest in Torture

Realizing my last post was somewhat of a cliff hanger, I think it's high time I give an update. The human males in the household are holding up just fine. Both still have lingering coughs and W still has polka dots, but those should be cleared up in a couple of weeks. (The final diagnosis was that they were caused by hard coughing.)

So, that leaves us with Howie... The How-man's tumor was removed on Monday. The following 36 hours were tough. He just basically laid in one place and whined. Monday night was like having a newborn all over again. I worked from home yesterday and kept an eye on him, but the crying didn't let up for most of the day and he wasn't drinking or eating. Last night the vet put a pain patch on him. He stopped whining around 9 pm and finally peed. Awww, sweet relief.

The hardest part of all of this is keeping W away from his best pal, Howie. When we brought Howie in with his shaved hip and stapled five inch incision, W took one look at him and boo hoo'ed. Then when we insisted on separating them he chanted "Ti amo, Howie!" Quite dramatic this little guy.

Howie is now heavily hopped up on pain meds (when do you know that a dog is taking too many pain meds?) and seems comfortable. We're carrying him from room to room and he generally stays in one place, so keeping an eye on him hasn't been too bad. A week and this pup will be back on his feet!

On a side note... Ever need to torture someone? Try putting them in a room with a looped soundtrack of an animal crying. Seriously. Not advocating torture. I'm just saying....

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