Gun Control and 90210

I've always been completely against having a gun in my house. The idea of it freaks me out. Guns make me uncomfortable, period.

Today I've been doing a lot of work from home, playing catch up, and decided to put on the Saturday Beverly Hills 90210 block on Soap Net. I found this weekly marathon when I had the flu a couple weeks ago and it's my new go-to on a Saturday afternoon. The early years of 90210 were the best. I was the perfect age for its cheesy acting, over-the-top 90's fashion, and cliche story lines. It was the focus of my television watching back then.

That being said, the episode when Scott (David Silver's dorky friend) shoots himself and dies was on today. I half watched it, but remembered watching it the first time it aired, the hype it created. It was major. Is 90210 the reason I'm so opposed to guns in the house? I mean, besides all the other obvious reasons.

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Anonymous said...

Guns are serious business, but I do think that if you take proper precautions and treat them with the respect that they deserve, they can be safely integrated into just about any household. If you're going to have a gun, you should have a gun safe. Don't be stupid and keep loaded weapons around the house, that's asking for trouble, particularly with hooligans like Scott and David running around. I am not a republican or tea partier, and I think Sarah Palin is dumb.