A Very Different First Hair Cut

Our first hair cut with W was a total reflection of being rookie parents... We went to an old barber shop (because I thought I was too cool for a kid's hair place), got plenty of videos and photos and then had special lunch plans. W was his normal sweet self. They cut his hair too short. There were no toys or bright colors, no movies or fire trucks to sit in. And we learned quickly that they have kid's salons FOR A REASON. We've been using them for W ever since.

So, today we took B for his first hair cut. Let's just say it went a little different:

"This bin of crap is cool and all, but I have a feeling we're here for something different."

"Get me out of this f-ing fire truck! Have you met me? Nothing about this is a good idea!"

"Stop taking pictures of me and get me out of this chair! I'll rip this place apart!"

"No! That comb! The horror! Get it away from me!"

"Awww, man, this kid's drama is making me look AWESOME!"
So, yeah... I think it's safe to say it didn't go well. After trying to put B in a fire truck seat we resorted to sitting in my lap. We couldn't even get a smock on either of us. No video was taken, the photos are limited. It was as bad as it looks. And was a great reflection of their personalities.

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Betsie said...

Oh no! My son is 4 and still has the massive freak outs about getting his hair cut...so I let it go, and he has a Bieber-style 'do most of the time (I hate it, but it is what it is). Every 6 months or so he'll get brave and tell us we can shave it. My daughter, meanwhile, would have a hair cut every day if she could. Isn't it neat how their personalities shine through even in the most mundane parts of the day? :)