It's Baby Month and I'm Tired

It's October. It's the month we've been looking toward for months in anticipation of the arrival of Baby #3. Man, we got here really fast. And suddenly I'm putting together a massive to-do list for these last three weeks. You can probably call this nesting, where only half of the items on the list really have to get done, the rest (like "touch up paint in the dining room") can wait.

But, looking at the three weeks we have left until our due date really means THREE WEEKENDS. That's three weekends to get an incredible amount of stuff done. Not to mention there are swimming lessons, naps, grocery shopping, laundry, meals, and the like thrown in every weekend, which leaves us with a few precious hours to actually get stuff done.

And we're trying to do fun stuff with the boys and enjoy these last few weeks as a foursome before we're outnumbered and have to request a much-harder-to-score table for five everywhere we go.

There's a lot to do and not a lot of energy to put toward it. Seriously, these last few weeks have got me tired.

Wish us luck.


Brittany Meyers said...

Awwww!! You guys will be great...and just think, soon you can drink WINE again!! YAY! I love you, you will get what you need done and, one way or another, it will all work out! xox

Anonymous said...

You will get it all done. It seems so overwhelming, but some how we get it done!

The babies will be here SO soon!