Two Weeks Home

We've been home for just about two weeks with our newborn girl. It's been pretty great. The boys are good with her and for the most part don't even realize she's around. They're doing a terrific job playing together and we're getting into a nice groove.

W goes to preschool every morning. B naps for a couple of hours while he is gone and I have quiet time with the baby. I'd like to think that soon I'll start filling that time with some exercise, laundry, crock pot preparation, blogging, thank you note writing, working on birth announcements, and all of the other things that I feel like I should be doing.

But, knowing that this is my last time having a little newborn to snuggle and sleep on my chest, I'm trying to enjoy those moments. If that means the rest of the stuff gets delayed, then I'm ok with that.


Brandie said...

Enjoy the moments, the to-do lists can always be done later.

Sarah said...

Great reminder! Babies don't keep :)