I'm Not Going to Tell You a Story

For the From Left to Write Book Club I read The Costume Trunk by Bob Fuller, which inspired this post.

We read with W a lot. It's my favorite way to play with him. I'm not very imaginative in the way he and Matt are, so reading is our best way to connect. (Honestly, once when playing he asked me: "Do you know how to play trucks?" The answer: "NO.")

I don't remember being a very imaginative kid. Honestly, I preferred reading then as well, so I spent a lot of time letting the words be my imagination. In The Costume Trunk, Courtney and her friends discover the magical world of Paddywhack Lane where all they need is their imagination to have fun. After reading this book to W, I decided it might be fun to see what he thought about the experience the characters in the book had and learn a little more about what's going on in his little head.

Here is our interview:

Q: If you could dress up in a costume, what would you dress up as?

A: A bug. Mom, what are you doing on the computer?

Q: What adventure would you like to go on?

A: Uhhh, this one. Tell me some more things.

Q: What would you do if you could do anything you wanted to?

A: I would slide down a slide. Ummm, I would play games.

Q: What friends would you bring with you?

A: You.

Q: Who else?

A: Tina and Toto. (note: his aunt and uncle)

Q: Does this sound like a good way to celebrate your birthday next month?

A: Yeah!

Q: Do you want a tree house?

A: Yeah!

Q: What would you do with a tree house?

A: I would live in it.

Q: What would be your best day ever?

A: This one.

Q: What's your favorite thing to play?

A: Puzzles.

Q: Tell me a story.

A: When days break, you're don't and you walk. I would do shnooder and doodoodoo! I'm not going to tell you a stoooory... Yeah! I'm not going to tell anybody stories. Mom, that song was called I'm Not Going To Tell You A Story.
(note: this all was sung to me)

Disclosure: As a member of From Left to Write book club, I received a complimentary copy of this book for review. All opinions are my own. Visit From Left to Write to read how other bloggers were inspired by this book.


Anonymous said...

I am dying! He is just too, too cute! Jen and Josh

Thien-Kim aka Kim said...

LOL! Kids are so funny. My daughter is a chatterbox so if interviewed her I wouldn't be able to type fast enough!

Joy Weese Moll said...

What a hoot!

I had the same thought, that I didn't do that much pretend play as a child. Now that I think about it, my brother was much better at it. Books had that role in my development.