Recently Heard Around Here

Things we never expected to say, but now have...
  • "Oh sh*t, he pooped in my hair." (Me to Matt during a late night diaper change and, YES, somehow he pooped in my hair and OF COURSE I had actually taken a shower and dried my hair earlier that day!
  • "I'm not sure what to do, but he peed in his ear. How do you clean that up?" (Me to Matt after B had showered himself and the room)
  • "They absolutely did not give Howie a bath. I don't know how else I'd explain what's on my shorts." (Matt to me after we picked up Howie from the kennel this weekend after wondering whether it included a bath. Luckily we realized this before getting home when a mystery brown spot appeared on Matt's shorts, so he could be put directly in the bathtub)
  • "Maybe you need to get over your own vanity and consider a minivan." (Matt to me in one of our never-ending "what new car should we buy" conversations. My reply: NO.)
  • "I really don't want to go tomorrow night. I'm not sure that I'm comfortable leaving the boys for that long." (Me to my mom when discussing her plans to watch the boys tomorrow night while Matt and I see a show.)
  • "If you come into our house, you're guaranteed to see some boob." (Me to just about anyone who comes into my house. Interested in a visit?)
Does that sum up how things are going around here these days?

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Kim Moldofsky said...

Hmmm. Lots of poop stories. In your hair?! I don't even want to know the details.