Getting Organized With Blue Sky Home Series: A Giveaway

I keep track of everything in my head. This never used to be a problem for me... And then I had W and things started to slip a little bit. My memory failed me a time or two and I've missed a few things on my to-do list. I'm going back to work. My mind is worse than ever. And my to-do list is longer than I ever imagined. I need help.

When I got my first smart phone last year I thought it would solve my problems, but I'm terrible about using the calendar and can't be bothered to figure it out. Then when I switched to an iPhone earlier this summer I was positive it would be my new key to organization. It's better, but I'm still keeping things in my head or notes on scraps of paper. I really remember things from writing them down. No matter how far technology goes, I'm still going to have to use some sort of a book that I can physically write in.

Right now I'm kind of loving the Blue Sky Home Series products. My never-ending to-do lists and scraps of paper with notes floating around started to make me a tad bit crazy and their planner was a great answer. You get a full month calendar with a to-do list next to it broken down by DO, CALL, or BUY. I needed this. There's also a week by week calendar with a notes section.

I need the ability to keep lists and write random notes, which is what I feel like I can't get from my phone. It's also broken down from July - June, which totally makes sense to me. I mean, seriously, the calendar year may begin in January, but for most people the year really starts in July as you start to focus on fall, whether that means back to school or getting serious after enjoying the summer.

Here is my August list and calendar. See how everything is broken out. I like that:

In addition to the planner, there are all sorts of handy organizing pads, like a grocery checklist, mouse pad, and a quick reminder pad that is designed to hang from your door. If you're like me and usually put post-its on your door as reminders, this could really come in handy.

So, if you too like to use the old pen and paper to keep yourself (and your brain) organized, this might just be the thing to help you out.

And lucky for you, I'm giving away a set of Blue Sky Home Series products. Yay!

Here's how you can enter the Blue Sky Home Series Giveaway:

1. Comment on this post about your favorite organization secret. Be sure to include an email address if it doesn't connect back to your blog. (You must comment to be entered!)

2. Extra entries for mentioning this giveaway to your network on Facebook and/or Twitter (one entry for each) by pasting this in your status: I'm getting organized! Enter to win a Blue Sky Home Series set at www.hannemaniacs.com. (please let me know in your comment that you have done these)

So, that's three possible entries per person. Contest ends at 9 am Wednesday, August 24th. Enter now!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! The winner was chosen by using RANDOM.ORG and is... Linz! Please contact me with your address and the package will be sent to you! (If I don't hear from the winner by Friday at 9 am a new winner will be chosen.)

Thanks for everyone for participating. Look for another giveaway up next week!
Disclosure: I received complimentary Blue Sky Home Series products for this review and giveaway. All opinions expressed are my own.


Megryansmom said...

If I had any organizational skills to share I might actually be organized. My hubby on the other hand gets his clothes ready the night before and puts them in his bathroom so he doesn't have to turn the bedroom light on and wake me. All together now....awwwwww.


Linz said...

Now that we have 3 kids and 2 going into school I have found I need a calendar to keep myself on top of stuff. So I recently got a dry erase calendar that goes on the fridge and I can see what I need to be doing everyday. Its very helpful! Unfortunately, I also still put the good old fashioned post on the kitchen cabinets for "To Do" items around the house. One step at a time, I guess! :)

Julie Mayo said...

Keeping notes is a HUGE necessity for me...a busy, working mom. I LOVE using my calender on my phone, because I set alarms so they alert me when I have something to do or remember. When my life is a little less hectic during the summer I don't need as many alarms....so.....I found this cool app on my Droid, called ColorNote! Its amazing! It's like having 9 different post-it notes, digitally at your fingertips! You can create color coded To Do lists, check lists, notes, etc, just like you do on paper, but with much less waste and clutter!!! So, I always have a green note that is my running grocery list, purple is my "to do" list, etc.....and that way my "post-its" are always with me wherever I go!!!! I LOVE this app!!!!

Melanie said...

I am an organized freak - I love being organized but always feel unorganized. I've tried the calendar on my phone but just can't break away from the hard copy of a calendar. What works best for me is to have a list of to-do, to buy, honey-do, and girls to-do. But I haven't found an overly effective way of doing it all yet. My husband always makes fun of me because I always create a list of my lists! Posted on FB also!


Lara Kercinik said...

I think the greatest way to view our family events for a month is on a dry erase calendar that I keep hanging up on the door inside our pantry. Sometimes I have a hard time fitting everything in that I need to in the small squares - but it's such an easy way to always view our monthly calendar - and change things around - since our plans change a lot with having a little one around. I think that I should implement another system that is just mine - like in a Blue Sky Organizer which would give me more space for details, directions, and to do lists.

pbruno88 said...

I like to use the phone to set appointments, but I find myself not looking at that calendar until it reminds me...and by that time, I only have 15 minutes to get to whatever it was I was supposed to do. With an old fashioned calendar, I can keep it open & on the desk so I'm much more apt to remember the dates & times of a household of 5 people. My one good tip is a chalkboard that I have adhered to the wall of the backdoor. This is a great place to leave notes for the coming week so no one can say they didn't know anything about the week's agenda.

Anonymous said...

My life is in one of those dollar store calendars, and all over my fridge. I panic if i cant find my small calendar. Need a better system. lol.


Sarah said...

I would not survive without my dry erase board on my fridge, but that's not a great organization tip. I don't really have any & need some!