William: Age 3

Today is our hilarious little man's third birthday and I can hardly believe it.

It's been a big year for all of us and, though we weren't sure how he would handle it, William has taken it all in stride. He has turned out to be a really sweet big brother and does little things everyday to show us how much he loves his Beckett, even if he sometimes tells us differently.

He continues to be incredibly verbal and was recently assessed as having the communication skills of a 6 year old. Conversations with him are some of my favorite times of the day and I'm always amazed with his ability to use proper tense and multi-syllabic words. William still loves to read and has memorized most of his books, demanding that he "read" his books to you. Favorites include: "Are You My Mother?," "Good Night, Good Night, Dinosaur," "There's A Wocket In My Pocket," "Stella Luna," and anything Dr. Seuss.

William is still cautious physically and trips constantly. He runs fast and falls hard, but rarely gets hurt. Even when a fall this year led to stitches above his eye, he impressed me with how quickly he bounced back (after the initial screaming and crying).

He is full of personality and it's evident in every interaction you have with him. He uses words like fantastic and absolutely and like to use his hands and voice inflection to tell stories. He answers questions with "of course" and never takes no for an answer, instead insisting "maaaayyyyybbbbeeeee." He likes to tell people he loves them.

William loves other kids and seeks them out. He doesn't quite get the social complexities of friendship yet and still seems confused when other kids aren't as excited to see him as he is to see them.

Our little man has an intense ability to love, but the hugs and cuddles take a little more work as he gets older. His obsession with playing often outweighs any one-on-one downtime these days and he gets increasingly frustrated with people who don't know how to play well (MOM). He and Matt are best friends and share an incredible imagination and ability to focus with each other. I see William having my general "it's going to be fine" attitude about everything and interest in socializing.

Currently, William wants to be a chef when he grows up and constantly wants to help in the kitchen. The boy can crack a mean egg. His favorite things are cars, smurfs, dinosaurs, stickers, puzzles, and painting. He is obsessed with toys and playing. 

He's constantly singing, making me sometimes feel like I'm in a musical. Conversation is often a singing production.

William is focused and persistent. If he doesn't get something he wants, he gets easily frustrated. He's realizing the power of his words and sometimes likes to say things like "I don't love her" or "get that guy out of my house" to test our reactions. I truly hope he grows to realize and respect the power of his words. As he has gotten closer to three, he has trouble listening and cooperating. He is a total control freak.

Our little guy has a really amazing sense of humor and we spend more time laughing with him than I ever imagined. I can't wait to see what this next year has in store.

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