Our Little Man is ONE!

We ordered pizza from Marco Roma's, opened the good bottle of wine we've been saving for a special occasion, and planned on Homer's vanilla ice cream for dessert.

I'm not going to get sappy about what I've learned in the last year from William and about myself. I'll save that for another day. But, I did learn one valuable lesson this evening: Even when you think it's a great idea and he's going to love it, don't push the bedtime. This is how William dealt with ice cream at 7:15. The kid who will eat ANYTHING turned away Homer's vanilla ice cream.

Happy Birthday, Stink Face.


Windtraveler said...

OH. MY. GOD. I just love him so friggin much - he is the cutest little stinker ever!!! Happy birthday William!!

Lara said...

ridiculous. that picture is ridiculous. and i can't help but notice that william is the best dressed boy ever. jack has some big shoes to fill... er... style to steal!

oh, and your blog is a highlight for me - your post on the playground is so perfect - love it. you need to start getting advertisers on this piece!