Sweating the Small Stuff

Tomorrow we leave for a week. This is our first extended trip with the boy. Not to mention our first "vacation" in two years. Seriously, how did time slip away?

Anyway, I have been spending days getting prepared for this. Lots of shopping for groceries, sunscreen, bug spray, swim stuff for baby, some much-needed clothes for me including (eek!) a bathing suit, and on and on. I have lists of what I need to buy, lists of what I need for William, lists of what I need for me. I've spent more money on odds and ends than we would have spent on plane tickets at this point.

I pride myself on not sweating the small stuff, on not freaking out, or letting anything get to me. I even went to bikram yoga last night to help get in touch with my non-stress center. And it worked... Until this morning when I realized I have to pack everything tonight and find a way to cram it all into the car.

I guess I'm just missing the days when a trip would mean throwing some clothes into a suitcase at the last minute. I was the person who packed for an international trip the morning of departure without a list, without any forethought of where my passport might be half the time. And here I am today stressing about how we're going to fit a highchair, pack and play, luggage, food, baby gate, and stroller into a sedan. What is happening to me?!?!

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Windtraveler said...

You'll get it all done - and you realize that over half of what you bought/packed you didn't need anyway...and we will have A BLAST!! Can't wait to see the lil' man in ACTION!! (and for future babies, your fam should all chip in and buy extras of that baby stuff then you could just leave some of that stuff up there...just a thought).