Postcard From Teardowns.com

As I was shifting through the mountain of junk mail we received while away last week I came across a personally addressed postcard from Teardowns.com assuring us that we should work with them instead of giving up on selling our home. First off, I didn't know we were selling. Secondly, really, we're a tear down? We actually just bought this house a year ago with hopes of a face lift, not complete demolition.

We know, we know... We bought the most affordable house possible in a very desirable zip code. So what if we have a Magic Chef stove with only two working burners, a basement half the size of our house, a dirt crawlspace, an odd triangle shaped lot, and a garage that probably should be torn down? This is all fixable, right? That's why we bought it. But, now Teardowns.com is making fun of us. Ouch. Our ego just took a hit from a postcard.

Well, listen here, Teardowns.com, we do appreciate the personally addressed postcard, but we're gonna sit tight for now. Well, at least until we can replace the linoleum floor in our kitchen.

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Brian Hickey said...

Don't take it personally. We identify property that has the characteristics of those that are candidates for redevelopment without any knowledge of the owners time table for selling. If you are in Hinsdale, you can see about 1 out of every 3 homes has been redeveloped (a nice way of saying torn down and replaced with new) over the last 15-20 years - so you are far from alone or being singled - out.

We are a business. Our business is to help sellers of "land-valued" property connect with the buyers most likely to buy for lower cost than through traditional channels.

If we identified your property in error - please forgive us, we are far from perfect.


Brian Hickey
Founder / Manager