Your Due Date

A year ago today you were due. You were comfortable wrapped up by your mama, stubborn, and hungry enough to stick around as I downed spicy Thai food, eggplant parmesan, fiery chicken wings, anything in an attempt to force you out into the real world. Little did we know, you had no intention of coming out so easy. I love that this was a perfect introduction to your funny little personality.

I could never remember your due date. I would call your dad to double check until Christine made a sign in pink highlighter and put it in her cube, so she could point to it when people asked me. Maybe it's because I already knew that date wouldn't stick.

A year ago today I went to the doctor to check for any progress. She said I was dilated half a centimeter and scheduled an induction for the following week, giving you time to make your way out. I'm still not sure that I was actually dilated or if she was just trying to be kind.

I wanted to move the induction up, get things rolling in there. You weren't coming on your own. I knew it would be another week before you'd arrive.

A year ago today I sat at my desk trying to get everything in order, wanting more time to get work done, but willing for the time to come. My feet were only squeezing into flip flops and I was having trouble reaching my key board.

When I came to work my friendly co-workers had wrapped my chair with a plastic bag in case there was any action. I knew there wouldn't be, but really wish I could have gone into labor right there on the industrial carpeting.

A year ago today I was completely unaware of the changes coming, still shocked that I was going to be a mom, wondering if I was ready, if it would be the first day of my new life.


Christine said...

oh, the due date sign. i tried to put it up where you could see it when you were on the phone. i can't believe the little nugget is almost 1!!!

Windtraveler said...

You know what? I think that was our last meal at the REAL 'Cousins' - remember? Sigh. At least William got a taste of the delicious (and now extinct)spinach prima vera, even if it was second hand. Sigh.