Food TV

Today I read that people spend more time watching people cook food on tv than they do cooking themselves. First off, I have to admit that I learned this from a facebook update from a guy who went to my high school, but I absolutely believe it to be true. At first I was a little disappointed that people are spending more time in front of the tv watching people create food, rather than actually doing it. I know I fall into that statistic at times, usually in the winter months when I find watching food on tv to be even more comforting than eating it.

I love food tv shows. I can watch them for hours and am usually excited about what I see, trying to file away that inspiration and motivation for a day that I have the time to plan and cook a real meal with ingredients that I've actually shopped for, rather than a cabinet raid.

I'm a pretty good cook, but something about watching food being made on tv makes me believe that I could be great or at least gives me new ideas to take something from mediocre to pretty good.

I guess in the end I just hope that people in front of the tv are at least being inspired. Inspiration can go a long way. I imagine people spend much more time watching a lot less interesting things on tv.

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Windtraveler said...

I've never watched any Food TV. At least now I know why I am a TERRIBLE cook! LOL. Perhaps I'll tune in...