Campbell Bridges

I wanted to share an e-mail from a friend to encourage you to take action and lend some education to what can be an otherwise mundane Tuesday. While we're sitting at work thinking about what to make for dinner, watch on tv, whether or not to go to the gym or clean the bathroom, there is crisis.

It is instances like that these that remind me of what is really going on out there... And a lot of it is devastating. But, even though we feel worlds away, that is never an excuse to not learn what we can and lend a voice when it comes to justice and safety for all people.

Please read this entire note and take a few minutes to read the BBC coverage and then sign the petition if you'd like:

I'm writing with some sad news. A family friend, Campbell Bridges--who is an internationally renowned geologist--was murdered earlier this week in Kenya. He and his son, an American named Bruce, were ambushed and attacked by people they know. Fortunately, Bruce survived the attack.

It's a complicated story, but to summarize, it appears that Kenyan politicians and police were involved in the attack and, for obvious reasons, they are telling a different story about how Campbell died. Although the international media is covering the story relatively actively, the story is being blocked in Kenya. It looks like it is going to be very difficult for the Bridges to get justice in the country they have lived for much of their lives.

I now have family over there who are helping the Bridges, so the story continues to hit closer to home. While my family has lost a good friend, it's the lack of justice, violence without consequence, and deceit that deserve international attention.

Recently, a petition was started to bring more attention to this event. If you're interested, please feel free to sign it: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/petition/673216474

And here's a good BBC article and interview with Bruce, if you're interested: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/8199627.stm

Julia and her family are looking for whatever publicity they can get on the situation, so if the few people who check on us here can see it... Well, that's a few more minds educated and open. Right?


Windtraveler said...

The links are bad? Can't click through for some reason...very sad.

Lady Hannemaniac said...

Links are fixed. Not sure what the deal was with them.