One Year Ago: Induction Time

At this moment a year ago I was being induced. Pitocin was pumped into my veins and we were expected to spend the night resting and then would hopefully deliver a baby by mid-morning.
It didn't quite work out that way. Let's just say it was a long labor. We didn't spend much time sleeping and by morning I had not progressed much and was still pretty comfortable. Being comfortable is not a good sign when you're trying to force an overcooked baby into the world.
William was born 22 hours later. For the most part they were a good 22 hours, until the last few. Through the rough times I actually thought to myself: In a year this will be a distant memory. I just have to get through this moment by moment until it's over.
I was right. It's a distant, distant memory today. But, thankfully we have the photos to remind us of the happy labor moments and the fantastic view from Prentice. And for the record, this wasn't even the GOOD view.

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AlanTK said...

I really think you should have posted full body shots so we could see the shoes that caused such a delivery room dustup.

Congratulations on Will's first year. He's a good little man.