William: Age 2

Today is my sweet little guy's 2nd birthday. I plan to do a recap of who my little guy is every year moving forward. Here is William: Age 2...

William is verbally light years ahead of where a 2 year old should be, his favorite sayings include:

-"You're the best ____ (insert word of choice: guy, lady, dad, mom) ever, ____ (insert person he's speaking to: Dada, Mama, Nana, Papa, etc.)

-"I like it!"

-"No, mama, no talking."

-"I need this!"

-"That sounds wonderful!"

-"I can do everything." (Formerly "I can't do anything!" thanks to Rosita from Sesame Street in the Guitar episode.)

-"No phone, no phone!"

-"Where's my paci?"

-"My teeth look good." (after having his teeth brushed)

-"Lightning McQueen is fast!"

-"What noise is that?"

While he verbally takes risks, he's thoughtful about physical stuff. He's fearless, but always pauses before climbing something or crossing a bridge, taking in the situation. He runs from one thing to another like he's drunk and still falls often.

His favorite things are: cars, trucks, cowboys, trains, dinos, Sesame Street, and anything farm-related. I never thought I would have a boy so into boy stuff.

William does not share well and has told me he "doesn't like to share." We're working on this one.

His favorite foods: guacamole, corn, ice cream, scones, yogurt, chicken dipped in anything, grilled cheese, pancakes, peanut butter and jelly, and Egg McRuckers (the breakfast sandwiches my dad makes for him). He likes spicy food like salsa and curry. Indian and Mexican are always a hit with him.

He hugs tightly, kisses with his mouth open and sometimes his tongue out, likes to be held while dancing, and asks to play and cuddle in mommy and daddy's bed during the day.

William would rather walk than be pushed in his stroller, prefers the umbrella stroller to the jogger, demands to have naked time after his baths, which includes naked dancing to hip hop with Matt in the bathroom. He isn't ready to let go of his pacifier or his diapers. I'm ok with it.

His favorite songs include: Happy Birthday to You, ABC's, Sing a Song, and anything by Dean Martin. He is obsessed with Dean Martin and we listen to it during every car ride. He can sing most of the words to Mambo Italiano.

William's tolerance for pain freaks me out. He got his first bee sting this week and we didn't figure it out until the next day. He rarely cries when he falls, instead jumps up and says, "I'm OK!"

My little guy has an intense ability to love and a capacity for joy that is unmatched. He is a very fortunate boy, surrounded by an army of people who love him fiercely. His sense of humor is beyond his years. He smiles bright and loves strangers. He continues to make our world a happier place every day.


Windtraveler said...

He is my most favorite 2 year old EVER. And boy oh boy does he love to be held when dancing!! And boy oh boy do I love to dance with him!! Happy birthday to the most lovable, fun little guy around!! xoxox

dino martin peters said...

As someone who is obesessed with our Dino myself, I find it so refreshin' that your wee one, William, has come to know and love our Dino at such a tender age....Happy Belated Birthday to Master William and thanks so much for sharin'