We've Been Vandalized!

We woke up this morning to vandalism. In the suburbs. Some jerk decided to ride through our landscaping in the dark hours of night while we peacefully slept. I assumed it was some dumb kid who might have had too many beers, Matt hoped it was an adult who happened to look down a little too long and veered off the sidewalk. I think I'm right. (What else is new?)

Whatever it was, I feel violated. It's hard to complain about something that seems so minor given what we used to deal when we lived in the city, which included gang tagging, drug dealers next door throwing tiny plastic bags into our lawn, and a bike stolen from our patio. But, seriously, I've been suburbanized. And this just won't fly.

Below is a photo of the offense. (Please don't judge the lack of weeding, which in itself is an offense.)

Luckily, the crushed plants were perennials and will be back next spring. All is not lost. Dumb kids. Go for the annuals next time if you really want to do some damage.

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