Waking Up To Love

You're the first thing I hear in the morning, greeting me from across the hall. I listen for a bit, admiring the early morning noises you make, sometimes crying, often chattering, always waiting for me. Groggy, comfortable in my bed, I pull myself up and stumble into your room.

You throw yourself back down, peek at me from the corner of your eye, pull your blankie over your head. I pick you up and you wrap your arms around my neck. And I stand there for a moment breathing you in. The best moment of my day.

This post was inspired by the The Father 100 Project. Yup, I'm a mom blogger, but I think I can hang with the dads, right? Consider it a flash blog project, 100 words or less. The word that inspired it: Love.


Brian H said...

Darn tooting you can hang with the dads.

I love this. Truly, very awesome!

Dr.Shawn said...

That was very nice! Keep joining, I want to read more of your work :)