Toddler Talk: Some Recent Goodies

The little guy is almost two, but talks like a teenager these days. Seriously, the stuff he comes up with is crazy, so I thought I would share some of his finest comments.


Scene: Playing with a purple car and a Lightning McQueen car.
Purple Car: "You're the best car ever, Lightning McQueen!"
Lightning McQueen: "Yeah, I get around."


Scene: Riding in the car. A few hours after Matt and I discussed using his ring bearer tuxedo for Halloween, unaware that he was listening.
William: "I don't want a tuxedo!"
Me: "You already have a tuxedo."
William: "I don't want to have a tuxedo!"


Scene: Leaving the Farmer's Market, a lot of cash was used.
William: "I have money."
Me: "You do? How much?"
William: "Ten moneys."
Me: "Ten moneys. That's a lot."
William: "No, two moneys."
Me: "Where did you get your money?"
William: "I don't like money. I like helicopters."


Scene: Grandma drops off William at the end of the day.
William: "Bye bye, honey bunny, bugaboo boogaloo!"


Scene: Sitting at the dinner table. I take a sip of Matt's beer.
William: "No!"
Me: "What?"
William: "Mama doesn't drink beer!"
Me: "I don't?"
William: "Mama drinks wine!"


Stephanie said...

That's hilarious! Especially the "Yeah, I get around"

Windtraveler said...

Yep. Mama does drink wine!!! xox