Congrats, Windtravelers!

I interrupt my "disconnect vacation" (more on this later...) to mark the almost two week anniversary of Brittany and Scott, two of my most favorite people in the world and the dynamic duo behind Windtraveler.

I have been lucky enough to know this little lady for roughly 25 years and over the years we've been our own version of codependent. We have a very special friendship and to call her my best friend wouldn't really cover it, so it made me nervous to think what might happen when the two of us settle down... It would take a particular kind of guy to roll with the punches and know that I may be on the phone during some of their fights, know way too much about their relationship, and call for no reason whatsoever. Enter Scott, who is right on in every way. These two are so stinkin' cute, it makes me sick. I mean, seriously. And for the record: I usually defend him in their few and far between tiffs, anyway.

While I am incredibly happy for these two crazies, I'm heartbroken that this marks the beginning of their journey to wedded bliss living on the sea. Yeah, that's what I said. Check out their blog here for all the details. Warning: You may become really jealous or think they're totally insane. (I go back and forth.)

Congrats to two of my favorite people and thank you for letting me be the matron of honor in a monumental wedding. Love you, guys. And, man, I'll miss you like crazy.

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Windtraveler said...

Um...i just got choked up. Not sure if it's real emotion or because i'm hungover but i did. i love you so much. codependent is right. even though scott and i are in wedded bliss, and we are not polygamous - i *still* would say "i do" to forever with you any day of the week. i'll miss you too. more than you know.