Yahoo! Motherboard: Learned About Blogging, More About Me

I know you've all been waiting to hear how things went during my trip to California to visit the Yahoo! campus and I'm FINALLY pulling it together. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Cut me some slack, I'm lucky I made it in the first place with the whole shingles situation. Lucky, indeed.

Here are five things that I learned about myself at Yahoo!:

1. You can call me a Mom Blogger.
Go for it. I don't care, in fact I prefer it. All of us Mom Bloggers (and there are a ton of us) are doing this for a reason. Our lives may be our inspiration, but we're all so very different with vast backgrounds and current-grounds. So, if that's what binds us together, then so be it. Call me a Mom Blogger. I'm in really good company. I'm proud to be in a group with some really intelligent, fun, witty, fabulous women who also happen to be moms.

2. I will never catch up.
We cannot keep up with the internet. As soon as we got it down, it's changing on us, right? And with a full-time job and every other bucket I'm carrying full to the top, I'm hardly keeping my head afloat sometimes when it comes to online trends, resources, or buzz. Man, I have a lot to learn. But, luckily, we were gifted the Yahoo! Style Guide, which is THICK. So, by the time I finish reading it, there will be plenty more new stuff to learn.

3. I'm a small fish in a vast ocean.
Seriously, I wasn't even sure that I should be going to the conference. But, really, how could I not? Household mom blogging names were there, women that I follow and read, established internet women... And me. But, it didn't mean they were mean to me or act like mean girls. Everyone I met was awesome. I learned what I could, made some really nice friends, and walked away feeling that I'm on the right track. I'm working in the right space for me and I have a good outlet. Most of the women considered this their full time deal, but for now I'm still loving my real job and having fun with this on the side. And that's ok. For now.

4. Yahoo! has to be the best workplace I have ever seen.
An immaculate campus with gorgeous flowers. Sand volleyball courts. Basketball courts. Pool tables. And (the best detail ever!) a FREE ESPRESSO BAR. Oh, and I know they really care about the women who work there... No quarter necessary to work the tampon dispensers. I'm just saying... Anyway, it made going back to my cube a little rough.

5. Palo Alto is just about the perfect place for me.
Nice people, beautiful weather, best Farmer's Market I've ever visited, a Venezuelan cafe (first I've ever been to), the most incredible downtown area you'd ever wish for, and adorable houses... that cost about $12 mil. So, yeah, I'm not packing up and moving. Clearly. But, when the Lottery comes a-knockin...

These are the general themes that I left with, but trust me, I learned a lot more... Like that I should keep my posts under 300 words (oops) and how to title for better SEO and how important internet security is with your kids and the dangers of sexting and cyberbullying and how people read blogs and where eyes fall on a computer screen and what a really good California Sauvignon Blanc tastes like and that you can buy awesome hairdryers from The Four Seasons and that I now have friends all over the internet that I hope to see in person again soon.

Since I was terrible with the camera, I suggest you check out these photos:

Disclaimer: Yahoo! paid for my travel expenses and basically everything else. And treated me well. Really, really well.


Kim Moldofsky said...

I'm so glad you decided to go. I echo your thoughts on the wonderful event as well as some of the take-aways. Plus we had a memorable car-ride, that almost wasn't.

Lisa Hanneman said...

Kim - So glad to spend time there with you.

You're so right...

Lesson #6: Sometimes you're using the wrong key.

Amy @ YodelingMamas said...

I'm so glad you made it too! Thanks for powering through your shingles to make the mom blogging community (one that I greatly respect) very proud.

PS- I'm feeling a bit of extra Yahoo! pride knowing that free espresso and tampons aren't your average corporate perks!

Nicki said...

Well, we all know I'm thrilled to have met you. But I thought that when the lottery came a knockin' I had you convinced to move to Charlotte. ;)

Just pack up that blowdryer...

Windtraveler said...

A really good *CALIFORNIAN* sauv blanc!? hmmmm....now THAT i would have to try...i have my doubts. but anyway - congrats - i'm glad you went. remember, "if there is an opportunity in life - TAKE IT".
you are awesome and i love you. shingles - take THAT!

April said...

Regarding #1-3, I feel exactly the same way! Yahoo does look like a great place to work, but I confess, my workplace is almost as good (sans the free coffee and no free tampons).

Kelly said...

So glad I got to meet you and spend time chatting with you. Anyone who is excited about a hair dryer as I am is good company.