I'm back from my quick, action-packed trip to California to attend the Yahoo! Summit. I'll put together a highlight post this week, but for now wanted to reflect on the many, many things that made it so wonderful: Like Yahoo!'s effortless attention to detail and appreciation for the time we all took away from our families and the many fantastic other bloggers that I can't wait to get to know better and the inspiration I drew from sharing time with so many established bloggers and writers and the gorgeous town of Palo Alto and its restaurants and lovely Farmer's Market and - most of all - a terrific husband who never thought twice about holding down the fort on his own. Oh yeah, and I learned a lot from the cool people at Yahoo! (seriously, you have to be really cool to get a job there) and my fellow bloggers. Being a small potato (as I was) meant I was just there to learn.

I have a lot of work to do in many ways, personally and bloggally, but right now I have to focus on some rest and getting better. After telling shingles to f*off, they bit back and I'm now seriously paying for it.


Julie/ @justprecious said...

ugh. i forgot about your shingles! I'm so impressed that you managed to stay awake the whole time! I hate to tell you, but I was out of it for about a month this spring. It was awful. And I'm constantly getting reminders (from my mom, of course) that I need to rest and stop go go going.

But, you know. Yeah. Uh Huh. Because that's so easy with kids and a husband and PTOing and blogging and life.

Anyway. SO great to meet you! And I love "blogally". Love it.

Amy @ YodelingMamas said...

You have to be cool to be on the Mother Board too. And by cool I mean really insightful, thoughtful and fun. It was great having you join us and I had no idea you weren't feeling well. Take care of yourself!