Playing Catch Up and Sharing an Article You'll See My Name In...

OK, let's just admit it, this has been a crazy summer for us and I haven't been as "on top of things" as I would like to be. But, my to-do list is double-sided at this point and I'm diligently crossing stuff off as the days continue to fly by. So, bear with me, please.

In my never-ending quest to cross off more stuff, I'd like to share something that has been on my to-do list for a couple months now.... A fun article about kid birthday parties that was featured in Chicago Parent and written by Caitlin Murray Giles. It's good reading and you'll find rather quickly that someone you may know was interviewed for said article.

Check it out here. It may just bring back memories of a certain toddler's first birthday extravaganza, which we will not be repeating in quite the same (large) fashion in two months. (And, YES! The little monster man turns TWO in TWO months. I'm freaked. Are you?)

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