So Long, Chicago Moms Blog

It's been about a year since I started contributing to Chicago Moms Blog and a couple of weeks ago the news broke that the site and its regional sister sites will no longer be operating as of July 1st. I was shocked, then bummed, but I knew that the leadership in the Chicago Moms Blog community would take advantage of the opportunity. I'm excited for a new chapter, but beyond appreciative of the time I had to contribute to Chicago Moms Blog.

Contributing to the site helped me to stop wincing when I said "mom blogger" out loud. It allowed me to grow confidence and work on my "mom voice," to get to know other mom bloggers in the area, mingle with sponsors, and it was through my affiliation with this group that the NBC spot came my way. I joined the Book Club, which got me reading and thinking and writing in a way I have not in a really long time. Being a contributor gave me deadlines and goals for posting, it gave me a reason to have to post. I found a space for myself as a mom in Chicago.

So, when the news broke I went through my concerns, but like I said, I knew that if I sat tight a new opportunity would present itself. And it has. (Details to come in mid-July.) For now, if you want to look back at my time with Chicago Moms Blog, you can see my posts here.

And if you have some extra time on your hands, check out the rest of the Chicago Moms Bloggers here. You'll be seeing more of them in the new Chicago group. Just wait and see.

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