Father's Day #2

I think that celebrating the special days is important. I'm serious about enjoying the days we have each year set aside to honor the people we love. And what a beautiful day to celebrate Father's Day!

Let me tell you, we have a lot to celebrate. Here at our house we're incredibly fortunate to have a really, really amazing father. He is by far one of the most hands-on fathers a kid could ever wish to have - Yes, I know I'm lucky.

We started with brunch at our favorite place, Mrs. D's, in Wilmette where I enjoyed the best eggs Florentine I've ever had, Matt enjoyed the best Greek omelet he's ever had, and the little guy picked all the powdered sugar off of his pancakes.

After a quick trip to an awesome new park, we collected sticks and saved a worm from being eaten as it sunned itself on the sidewalk.

From there we hit the road for important errands, including buying the first set of Hot Wheels for the little guy and plenty more flowers for our never-ending house work. (We're finally getting smarter and investing in more perennials than annuals.) Finally, we got the two guys measured for their tuxedos for Christina and Tristan's wedding in three weeks (eek!).

We hightailed it home where the little guy went down for a nap and I started Martha Stewart's delicious Sweet Onion Dip for our Father's Day celebration at my aunt and uncle's.

At the party W ran around like crazy, got plenty of hugs and kisses, and got to pet and hold their snake. And I got to see my dad and grandpa for Father's Day.

For the guy who is often frustrated by our overstuffed life, I tried to pack a day full of all the stuff we wanted and needed to do. If I could give Matt the perfect day it would be a day of the three of us with nothing to do, but hang out. That's coming, I promise.... We just have to get through the next month.

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