Me Time

Our little guy's day is ruled by time. We've found it's the best way to make him cooperate and anticipate his daily routine. He day includes the usuals... Nap time, bath time, play time. We've also incorporated some of our own... pajammy time, brusha-brusha time (teeth brushing), and his current fave, naked time. (Naked time is his post-bath period of freedom in which he runs around the house shrieking in the buff.)

During naked time tonight we were playing on the bed, chatting, and giggling when suddenly he started scooting off the bed. "Where are you going?" we asked.

His response: "Me time." And we watched his adorable little butt scurry out of the room.

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Windtraveler said...

Seriously!?!? Seriously!?! Ugh. He is just too stinkin' cute for words.