So You Think You Can (insert talent here)

Since this is *the* show that I like to blog, so I wanted to share my thoughts on the new All-Stars format. I love it. I really do. Some of my absolute faves are back, like Twitch, Catherine, Ade, Pasha, and the beyond amazing Neil. Love them. Love, love, love them. But, man, it's crazy how much better they all are since they were on the show, isn't it? They were good before, but now they're gooo-ooood.

That's what's great about this format. All of these All-Stars were once in the shoes of the contestants: They were outstanding. They did the show and then went off, matured, honed their skills and now they're extraordinary. (Just imagine what Billy and Alex are going to be like in a few years.)

And that is what has struck me the most: the opportunity to see what this show creates and what a young dancer looks like compared to a real, polished professional with the knowledge that they will have that same opportunity. And each and everyone of them are someone's child. They started out as fresh and innocent, as full of life and wonder as William is right now. (What is it about becoming a mom that makes you see the little kid in everyone?)

I sit here on my couch and think of all the things W has ahead of him. What will be his talents? Where will his passions lead him? I never had a passion like that. Sure, I had plenty of talent, skills, and interest in all sorts of things, but not enough to follow one serious, singular dream. Matt has that. He's an artist. It's the way he was born, he sees the world in a different way. I only wish there was a show called So You Think You Can Draw. He'd seriously kick some sketching ass.

How exactly do you make sure you give your kids every possible opportunity to do something great without being pushy? How do you encourage them to take their talents seriously without being the crazy parent?
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AlanTK said...

L and I have these conversations all the time about Jack, about what we "hope" he'll be interested in. (One of them started in the middle of an ep of SYTYCD, as a matter of fact.) How cool would it be if Jack was a Beat Boy?

But here's the thing, and here's how you'll know you aren't pushing it too far: when the dreams you're promoting are William's and not yours. Those kids on that little girl beauty pageant reality show? I promise you, none of those four-year olds want to be Ms. America.

If Jack says to me at six he wants to play guitar, then to Guitar Center we will go. But if I'm pushing him into music because I always wanted to be in a band, then I'm a bad dad.