Outdoor Family Fun

Welcome NBC 5 viewers... If you are here because you saw my segment, I'm impressed by your early morning ways. Pat on the back!

If the weather in Chicago stays the way it was yesterday, then we'll have plenty of reasons to use some of these great items below, so check them out. I think they're all pretty neat.

Here is more information about the items I showed, how you can get them, and why I like 'em:

Snack Trap (snacktrap.com)$4.99

  • Kid needs a snack, mom's hands are full, kid can feed himself
  • Minimizes wasted food and wasted time spent cleaning up while developing self feeding skills for infants to toddlers
  • Slits in the lid allow children to see and retrieve food, but automatically closes when the toddler removes their hand
  • Portion control - no handfuls shoved in the mouth (I mean for kids, can't be responsible for adults)

  • Thermacell Outdoor Lantern (mosquitorepellent.com) $31.99

    • Applying bug spray or lotion is on the list of my least favorite mom tasks
    • Non-toxic, portable, safe, non-intrusive, and, can I repeat, NON-TOXIC (no need to worry about what you're rubbing into that little skin)
    • Keeps insects away for a 15 x 15 area and is 98% effective
    • Doubles as a lantern for a romantic dinner when the kids go down and the mosquitoes get sick of trying to feast on you
    My Royal Heinie Daypack (myroyalheinie.com) $34.99

    • Compact diaper bag instead of the huge one I'm used to dragging around town
    • Awesome built-in Smart Wipes Dispenser that allows mom to deal with wipes one-handed, so the other one can hold down squirming, pantless child
    • Love the stroller attachments, changing pad, and well-designed pockets
    • It can fit in mama's big ol' purse
    Potty Flip (pottyflipusa.com) $24 for 12-pack

    • When nature calls you might just be in nature... No public bathroom, no problem
    • Full size, safe, portable, disposable, and biodegradable
    • Just flip it out and then fold it up and dispose
    • No more holding kids over freaky public toilets
    Speedminton (speedminton.com) $29.95
    Kinda like if tennis, badminton, and racquetball had a baby without tons of rules
    • Easy, portable, fun all wrapped up in a compact carry case
    • No need for a net or a strict-sized playing field
    • Includes special lights to play at night
    • A little more refined than bags at a BBQ, no?
    Sport-Brella (sklz.com) $69.99

    • Instant protection from the sun, wind, or rain in 3 seconds
    • Fits the whole family for a picnic or hanging out at the beach
    • Top air vents and side windows for efficient air flow
    • Convenient carry bag for taking it to and fro
    The park, pool, Ravinia, beach, tailgates, BBQs... The list goes on and on for awesome places to use any of these items. Seriously, I think these are all pretty great. Check them out and let me know what you think.
    Disclosure: I received complimentary samples of these products for the NBC 5 review. I was not compensated in any other way.


    Windtraveler said...

    What a GREAT segment Sign me up for that sportbrella!! ;)

    JLK and JL said...

    Too bad they don't have snacktraps for adults!! Could be useful!!