Yahoo! and Shingles

This morning I woke out of a restful sleep to the sound of "Oh (insert curse word of choice), it's 5:15. Your cab is here!" Sure was. The cab waiting to pick me up and then fellow blogger Kim and then take us to O'Hare for our 7:10 flight. (This is am, people, let's keep that in mind.) In record speed I ran around the house to pull everything together. For once in my life I had packed the night before and laid everything else out on the kitchen table. Thankfully.

So, why did I catch a flight this morning? Well, here I am now laying on a most comfortable bed at the Four Seasons in Palo Alto, California where I'm attending the Yahoo! Motherboard Summit. Aren't they nice?

This is the first day in about two months that I haven't had a schedule and multiple places to be. I never thought it was possible. And I need this. I really do. 'Cuz, I have shingles. (I'm not contagious, I cleared travel with the doctor, so save the lectures.)

As I previously thought, shingles are not an "old person" thing. So, while this might be a little T.M.I. for some people, I feel like I'm doing you all a favor in case you start to get these symptoms. It took a second opinion to get mine diagnosed. The first doctor told me I had a skin irritation. (I imagine my insurance company should get their money back and I'd like my $20 co-pay back, please.)

Anyway, remember that wee little problem I have with stretching myself a little bit too thin and overbooking any calendar I can get my hands on? Yeah, well, it came back to bite me hard in the hip (the location of my shingles outbreak). Friends and husband alike have told me it's a wake up call. Hopefully it's not as abrupt as this morning's...

But, seriously, I'm listening. I have a couple of hours before the cocktail reception and instead of heading to the bar, which would be my normal next step, I'm closing the shades and my eyes. The doctor prescribed rest, so I might as well listen. For once.... Especially considering I got the diagnosis last night on my way to Ravinia to see Swell Season and celebrate the upcoming wedding of my two most favorite sailors! Totally worth dismissing his advice on that one, though. I stand by that choice.


Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better and had a good time in CA. Can't wait to hear all about it.


Meagan Francis said...

It was so nice meeting you this weekend. I got shingles last summer and it was awful, even though I figured it out very early on (thanks to some friends on the Internet!) and got the antivirals. I hope you're feeling better soon!