Congrats, Tristina!

My sister, Christina, got hitched last weekend. And, lucky for us, she married Tristan. (Get it? Christina + Tristan = Tristina.) Tristan is like a brother and friend and role model for our little guy who adores him. It was a fabulous wedding. I'm too tired to go into the details right now. Man, being a matron of honor really takes it out of you (does this explain the lack of posts as of late?).

So, for now, I'm thrilled to share a little video put together by Ben Mahoney Productions, who is a good friend of our family and happens to be the most talented wedding videographer you'll ever meet.

Watch this. You'll love it. I promise. And you'll get to see my beautiful sister and a little ringbearer who thought it was one big party for him. More to come... Just give me time to rest my feet.

Your Just To Good To Be True. Video By BMP. from Video that rocks. The Weddings. on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

So beauitful! I of course got teary eyed! Christina just looked beauitful! Such a fun wedding.