A Girl In Boy's Clothes

She's adorable, right? Granted I'm biased, but seriously... Look at that face. I'll say it again: LOOK AT THAT FACE. Does it look like a boy's face to you? Because whether I dress her in pink or blue people always refer to her as a boy... every where we go. It could be her bald head.

Whatever it is, I don't really care. Everyone calls B a girl due to his curly blond locks and tiny little features. It hasn't made me cut his hair and it won't make me stop dressing her in cute blue outfits. I have them, might as well use them, right?


Michelle said...

People just flat out don't pay attention. I remember a friend of mine who had a baby with red thick curly hair with a PINK FLOWER BOW in it and a matching dress outfit. and they still called her a boy. People are dumb :)

And yes, my daughter wore hand me down boy clothes. Except the jeans. Those unfortunately didn't look right...

Danielle said...

I'm also biased but she is unbelievably precious!!!!!