Thanksgiving Our Way

This year we stayed home for Thanksgiving. Just the five of us in our new house. When I told people that was our plan I received a lot of "awww" sad faces. But, seriously, it felt like the most selfish thing we could do and I loved every minute of it.

Both sets of grandparents were visiting other out-of-town siblings. My in-town sister had plans with her in-laws. We were planning to go to my aunt and uncle's which is always a blast, but I've been extra busy with work and we still have a ton of boxes to unpack. Most important, our kids just need a day to chill with us. And us with them. I knew I would spend the rest of the weekend working, so once we made the decision, it felt right.

But, then I needed to make us a real Thanksgiving dinner, right? So, I bought everything I needed to make my first turkey, stuffing, cranberries, green beans, roasted butternut squash, and masked potato. I made everything from scratch and it was pretty much perfect.

We planned to eat around naps (turkey was done by 12:30), we hung some pictures and unpacked more boxes, and then we had pumpkin pie for dinner. If I could choose one day to relive again and again... It might be this one.

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