Working Mom

Those who know me best realize that from mid-October until mid-December my life basically shuts down and I go into "Gala mode." I fall off the map. The Gala is the focus of my job, an event that raises over $3 million and takes countless hours of management. Luckily, I've worked for an incredible boss and always have really smart, talented colleagues, so working long hours hasn't been as bad as it could be.

This year marks my sixth Gala, my third since having William. And it will be my last. A month or so ago I accepted a new role within my office, one that will allow me to focus on a few areas that I'm really interested in and not demand the hours that event management does. It is definitely a good move for me professionally and personally, but it was a tough decision. I don't let go of things easily.

I ultimately made the decision because I realized this: I am not the same person I was when I was hired on to manage this Gala. I've become a mom, moved to the burbs, and all that makes these months so much more difficult. Every Saturday or Sunday that I go into the office is a choice of work over William. Every night I'm there late is a day that I only spend a rushed hour in the morning with the little guy. And, at the end of the day, that's not fair anymore and makes me feel I'm letting him down. You can love your job and love your kid, but feeling like you have to make a choice is not something that I love.

So, here's to my last Gala...


Windtraveler said...

And here's to the (ever true) cliche; "when one door closes, another opens"....Love you!!

Kim Moldofsky said...

I'm a little behind here. Change and transitions are hard, but this sounds like a good move and one that will allow a better balance between work and family. Good luck!