Christkindlmarket: Seven Years Later

Ever since Matt and I started dating he has wanted to go to the Christkindlmarket at Daley Center. A Christmas beer tent caught Matt's attention back then and has held it ever since. Every year it comes up. And every year it just hasn't worked out, mainly because I'm too busy with work and then it's just too damn cold.

One year, even despite my best intentions of having friends meet us there as a surprise for Matt's birthday, we still didn't make it. I *may* have skipped the whole checking the schedule thing and quickly realized when we met there that the fest was set up, but not opening until the next day.

So, finally, finally, finally... Tonight we made it. We had plans for dinner to celebrate our dear friend Jennifer's birthday. Reservations were for 6:30 and I came up with the brilliant idea of finally making Matt's German Christmas dreams come true.

It would have been a different experience back in the day when we could have killed a few hours in the beer tent, snacked on pretzels for the night, and then jumped on the blue line home. It was a very different experience than the one we originally hoped to have there. Life has changed. We waited seven years to spend 20 minutes checking out the vendors, snacking on cinnamon/sugar almonds, and making some really excellent jokes about Germans (which we both happen to be, so don't get all offended). It was worth the wait.

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