Moving Into 2011: Stitch-Free

I took W in to have his stitches removed this morning. He insisted that they would be replaced and it took some explaining that he doesn't get new stitches, they just go away. I think he was starting to get used to them and the extra attention (and treats) he's been getting haven't hurt.

Dr.: "What happened?"
W: "I fell."
Dr.: "Oh wow!"
W: "I got some stitches."
Dr.: "How many stitches did you get?"
W: "One, two."
(I hold up my hand to show her five behind him.)
Dr.: "Five stitches?!?! Wow, you're brave."
W: "No. One, two stitches."

Stitch removal went well, as the Nurse bribed him with both a Thomas and a Cars sticker. W turned and took a good look at the pile of stitches, said good-bye to all five of them, and we were on our way. Just like that.

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